Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I want to have this Christmas

Whow! It is really starting to feel like Christmas. The cold wind, hearing christmas carol everywhere, seeing dancing lights on the streets and on every corner, colorful decors.People greeting each other, exchanging gifts and kisses... HAAAAII!! I really love Christmas. And I am pretty much sure that I will be happy this coming holiday, but if having these things,even just ONE, it would really, really, really be great!.
So these are the things I want to have this Christmas. 
First is an Apple iPod – It's been 4 years since I am longing for one.Take note FOUR LONG YEARS, but Santa didn't grant my desire, maybe because I am naughty?..HA! HA! HA! So this time I try my best to be good, so that Santa Mommy would buy me one.  
Second is a  Mac Book Pro – This one is HEAVEN!..It is a masterpiece. I love its features, graphics, design...EVERYTHING.Who doesn't want to have this kind of thing?If you already have this one, YOU'RE COOL!!

Another thing is a Digital SLR Just for a little information, SLR stands for Single - Lens Reflex. This kind of camera, they say, is preferred by profesional photograhers because it can accurately capture things. Another thing that would make this a LOVE is that you can choose a variety of lenses. Knowing all these facts, who doesn't want to have one! 
As a dreamer, I want to own this thing if not now  then maybe in the future and I dream of becoming a professional photographer. Having a photo exhibit and be known as one of the best in the country.
And lastly, a WII - I have a friend with this kind of stuff and I am jealous every time she talks about it. She even brought her friends along with her to play. And they all make the same say. They enjoyed, they were having so much fun and so on.  
And so, I promise to myself to experience playing WII before I die. HA! HA! HA!
So this is my "Christmas Wish" for 2009. Hope, this time, Santa would hear my requests at least one.SANTA MOMMY!!!!! PLEASE!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite Movies

I don’t really have an idea of what to share . I kept on thinking interesting things but nothing would appear in my mind. But then, when I turned my head sideways, I saw my collection of DVD’s, so I got an idea of just sharing to you my Favorite Movies that I have in my room. I will just blog about my Top 10 favorite movies.

Since this is my first post for the past 3 months, this will just serve as my comeback post...Hahahaha...
My Top 10 Favorite Movies: (1 as my highest)

10. What Happens in Vegas – what I like about this movie is because of the Vegas scenes, and the tandem of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, I really love them both.

9. Marley and Me – Aaaaah, another beautiful movie of Owen Wilson, you know what, this 
 movie really made me cry, actually, it's because of Marley - the dog .

  8. Bridge to Terabithia – I like this movie because of the effects and the idea of making an extraordinary movie with kids as the main casts. And because I pretty much  like sci-fi movies.

 7. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button– Brad Pitt in this movies is so,so,so HOT!!..hahaha..Another movie that inspired me to love with no boundaries, age really doesn’t matter as long as you have each other’s 
 hearts. This film received 13 nominations,including best actor for Brad.

6. The Game Plan – I love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in this movie,hahaha,he’s so cute in portraying as a very arrogant and selfish daddy of a very smart and cute daughter.I really enjoyed the scene where, dwayne joined the ballet show.
Joe Kingman is COOL!!  

5. Stardust– At first I was hesitant to watch this movie,I don't know, I just had the feeling that this would not be that good, but then, i was so bored and got nothing to do, so why not watch this movie rather than just to stare at the window doing nothing. I was surprised, I right away fell in love with the movie as well as the characters. And accidentally, this became one of my favorites.
4. Spiderwick Chronicles - I really wanted to watch this movie,but I didn't get the chance to watch it on big screen, so I just bought it on DVD and enjoyed it over and over..What I like about this movie is the creativity of the characters, and the effects.

3. Wanted - Angelina here is so GORGEOUSLY HOT!!!..I love the concept. Love the fight scene, I was amazed of their weapons.I am desiring to have one..HAHAHA!..For me, this action packed movie is a perfect ten.

2. The Proposal - This Romantic Comedy movie is LOVE!..The hilarious acts of Sandra is one of a kind!..All I can say is 10/10!!..  

1. Mamma Mia - Falling in Love with this Musical Romantic Comedy film featuring the ABBA songs. I didn't find any single scene that made me feel bored. From start til finish, is a BRAVO!..The male casts are stunningly gorgeous. I could'nt ask for more in this film.

So these are my top ten favorite movies for this year..And let's see what would be my top ten next year.This is all for now..Hanggang sa susunod..PAALAM!..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I.E Acquaintance Party '09

Last August 22, 2009, Saturday, the IE students of the University of San Carlos had their Acquaintance Party at Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel located at Lapu-lapu Cebu. And unfortunately, I'm one of the organizers and being one is laborious . You will be a planner, budget minister,coordinator, facilitator, a servant and even a runner. To prove you these, I'll share to you my experiences in making this event a successful one.

It was around the middle of June when we started talking about our acquaintance party. Where will it be, when and what are the things needed to make the party possible . Though at that time we never discussed it seriously. After 2 weeks or so, we started looking for a resort which we think that it would be the first and best thing to do . By good luck, we found a resort right away.From then, we took the next steps which is to contact the buses, for the sound system,set a budget and plan for the program. These are just the highlights among the things needed. As time draw nearer, the more I became worried (though I never showed it to the other officers for i don't want them to feel the same way too) but one thing I couldn't hide was my excitement.

Then the most awaited day came. It was around 8:30 in the morning when I arrived at the Bennie's eatery where I had to pay and get the food we ordered days before. The food was for those who will set up things in the resort before the party. At around 11 o'clock in the morning, I and Aimee went to the school and waited for the 3 Villahermosa buses that will serve as transporation of those students who couldn't bring or don't have their cars. As usual, one of the 3 buses had a problem and the other 2 buses were late.And the school guards were so inconsiderate. They were also very "BANGA" in giving instructions. So I have to run from one place to another. And take note, USC-TC, haller,bukid jud ka ha nah..Anyway, at exactly 1:30 p.m., the last bus drove off.

When we arrived at the place,I felt exhausted...But the place was so nice that it cast away my weary.It's really a White party with plain white decorations,tables covered with white cloth and stuff like that.And one thing I love the most about the place is that it was like we exclusively rented it...

The first part was the registration, it was so organized and I'm so proud of my co-officers, they did a good job.

It was followed by a mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Nestor H. Ubalde, SVD .Then we had our games facilitated by Nonah and company.

At around 6:00 p.m. we had our dinner.The type of food was Accents of Asia.

It was great but I have no appetite at that time. I don't know maybe because I was thinking if the food would be enough since the management of Costa didn't commit the agreement regarding serving the food. What we had agreed was, there will be personnel who will assist but at that time they don't have enough crew. But luckily, the food was more than enough.While eating, 2 bands ,the 3rd years and 4th years, had the time to show off their talent in music.After an hour, the program proper begun.

First we had the Crush ng I.E which was incorporated together with the raffle draw. It was fun. I had lots of laughs at that time.

It was really entertaining. In the raffle draw the first prize was a cellphone ( N5000), second prize was a Samsung MP3, then the third prize was a Skechers watch. The 3 consolation prizes were all Gift Certificates,from National Bookstore,Metro Gaisano and Yellow Cab all worth 500 each. But badly, I didn't won any in the raffle draw, even consolation prizes..hehehehe. Well anyway, congratulations to those who won the raffle draw.

The next part was the presentation of each batch. The first to present were the first years, followed by the second years and so on. The last to present were the faculty members. They had a band where Sir Donn as the vocalist and Sir Ritche in the guitar. They played together with some of the 5th years.

Because we enjoyed the party very much, I didn't notice that it was already almost 10 p.m..And the people staying in the resort were already complaining about the noise. But the students were still eager to have a band showdown. And
basically, we never got the chance to have the jamming time. We fail to budget the time properly.
In the contract, we only have until 10 o'clock in the evening so we really have to pack up things. But we tried to ask the management if we could extend a little while, but we never got the luck.

After packing up, we then proceeded home. But on our way, some of the 5th years called up Mikyu. They were grouching because they were left by the buses. They said that they went out of the resort the time we stated that the buses will go and that is 10:30 p.m. Mikyu explained to them that the buses were already full so even if they got the buses on sight, they still cant get in for they were already too late. But they were so angry and they even asked for a refund. So Mikyu granted them. They were 29 with 12.50 pesos each as a refund which will be given the following week.

It was almost 11 o'clock when I arrived at my apartment. Freshen up, watched tv for about 15 minutes then cope some z's.