Saturday, March 28, 2009

5 Days!!!

My days last week were kinda occupied.

Last March 23, I went to school in the morning to make our project from one of our major subjects. Later in the afternoon, I and some of my friends (Aimee, Jeff, Leslie and Mikyu) went to Ayala to look for a summer job. Fortunately, Red Ribbon accepted our application letter together with our resume.But we are still waiting for their call.

March 24, Tuesday, I went to school to continue our project. Later that day, an officer approached Mikyu
to ask if it's ok for the two of us to be representatives for a Leadership Training Seminar which will be held on March 26-27 in Argao. It was an overnight activity. Without second thoughts, we right away grab the opportunity. It would be of great help since we are appointed as officers for the I.E Council.

March 25, same group went again to school to continue our project. We made it sure to finish the project that day because we will be leaving nah tomorrow.
We were done at around 1:30 pm. After that, I took an exam. I wasn't able to eat lunch at that time because I was running out of time already. The exam will start at 2:00 pm. After an hour of answering, I went to my friends who waited for me. After that I went home together with Mikyu. She had to sleep at my apartment because her house is pretty far from our meeting place and we have to be there at around 6:30-7:00.

March 26, Mikyu woke up first at around 5 o' clock in the morning I think. After she took a bath, she woke me up. After an hour of preparing we went to the meeting place which is just a walking distance from my apartment.It was 10:00 am already when we arrived at Luisa's Place in Argao.
After we put our things in our room, the facilitator right away started the first session. Whole day we had, team building, we had games, and of course,..we ate and ate and ate..nyahahaha
March 27, the wake up call was 6:00am. After we took a bath we ate our breaffast. Afterwards, we had a session again with Sir Alingasa. The session was about Christian Leadership. Around 11:45 am, we had our lunch. Then after that, the facilitator gave us time to rest. At 1:40 pm, the bus arrived. It was time to leave. We are all on board at around 2:05 pm.

I got home after 2 hours. I took a rest for about an hour or two, then I again took a trip to Balamban, which is an hour and a half ride from the terminal. At 8:00 pm I arrived. I immediately went to my cousin's house to eat dinner because it was her mom's birthday. After having some talks with my cousins,
I went home to freshen up and to cop some z's..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Something to Share

Hey guys I've got something to share.First, I would like you to meet SAM, my new phone. It's a Samsung (SGH-B130S Dual Band). I like it because it's handy and it's just so simple. The color of it is black. This is my first time having a Samsung phonel. But I find it kinda complicated maybe because I'm used to either Nokia or Sony Ericsson mobile phones. But I'm adjusting now. I just bought this last Wednesday, March 18. The price was just Okay. Nakaafford nga ako eh...Kaya ang halaga nito ay barya lang sa inyo.

Secondly I would like to introduce my favorite pet. He is NALA. I know it's a womanish name. Yong bagong panganak kasi yan, akala ko babae,kaya ayan,NALA ang ipinangalan ko...

The other 3 namely: Simba, Mufasa and Scar are his brothers. Sounds familiar?!..Yup!..I got their names from the movie "The Lion King".

NALA is a 10 month old cat with a white fur. He is sweet, "lambing" and playful. He always sits beside me everytime I take a rest on our sofa. He is one of the major reasons why I want to be home early. He is also one of the reasons why I prefer to stay home with him even if we are the only ones left. He takes away my problems and he brightens my day. He knows how to comfort me. He knows when I'm not in the mood. I love him so much. I don't know what to do when something bad happens to him.And now I'm missing him very much.He is in our province and I'm here at the City.

My mother even told me to just bring NALA with me. But what I'm worried about is that, I'm not always at home. Who would take care of him while I'm away from home?So that's why I left him with my mother and the rest of the family, who also love him so much. I know they would take good care of him.And I'm very sure of that.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yum! Yum!
Last Saturday afternoon, March 14,it was around 4:00 o'clock, my brother desired intensely for a MOCHA FLOAT so he requested me to make some.Luckily for him,I'm in the mood to make and I was not that busy.And since mocha float is one of my masterpiece when it comes to desserts so I just granted his request.
So here's how to make a MOCHA FLOAT!..
First you prepare the following:
Butter,Condense Milk,All Purpose Cream,Crushed Grahams,Grahams Biscuit,Coffee and Water.

After preparing,you mix all the ingredients,except for the Grahams and Water. To mix it thoroughly, you liquefy first the butter.

Afterwards,you will then start arranging the biscuits(soak it in water with coffee) on your Tupperware or anything that can be used in storing food. But it is much better and easier if you use a container intended in making Mango Float or Mocha Float.Hihihi.But I didn't use one because my mom was not home at that time and I don't know where she put the containers.Or should I say I'm too lazy to find one..nyahahaha..

You will just alternate in putting the Biscuits and the mixture of all the ingredients.

Then,put the Crushed Grahams on top if you're already contented on the thickness of your Mocha Float.Then lastly,you refrigerate,wait til it become firm.

So this is it!..hihihihi..I know its not that delicious to look at..but anyway,just try it!..then,just add something if you think it could add to the taste of the dessert.