Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I want to have this Christmas

Whow! It is really starting to feel like Christmas. The cold wind, hearing christmas carol everywhere, seeing dancing lights on the streets and on every corner, colorful decors.People greeting each other, exchanging gifts and kisses... HAAAAII!! I really love Christmas. And I am pretty much sure that I will be happy this coming holiday, but if having these things,even just ONE, it would really, really, really be great!.
So these are the things I want to have this Christmas. 
First is an Apple iPod – It's been 4 years since I am longing for one.Take note FOUR LONG YEARS, but Santa didn't grant my desire, maybe because I am naughty?..HA! HA! HA! So this time I try my best to be good, so that Santa Mommy would buy me one.  
Second is a  Mac Book Pro – This one is HEAVEN!..It is a masterpiece. I love its features, graphics, design...EVERYTHING.Who doesn't want to have this kind of thing?If you already have this one, YOU'RE COOL!!

Another thing is a Digital SLR Just for a little information, SLR stands for Single - Lens Reflex. This kind of camera, they say, is preferred by profesional photograhers because it can accurately capture things. Another thing that would make this a LOVE is that you can choose a variety of lenses. Knowing all these facts, who doesn't want to have one! 
As a dreamer, I want to own this thing if not now  then maybe in the future and I dream of becoming a professional photographer. Having a photo exhibit and be known as one of the best in the country.
And lastly, a WII - I have a friend with this kind of stuff and I am jealous every time she talks about it. She even brought her friends along with her to play. And they all make the same say. They enjoyed, they were having so much fun and so on.  
And so, I promise to myself to experience playing WII before I die. HA! HA! HA!
So this is my "Christmas Wish" for 2009. Hope, this time, Santa would hear my requests at least one.SANTA MOMMY!!!!! PLEASE!!


Jaypee of said...

wow! gustu ko lahat ng mga yan! hehehe.. =)

princessngaako said...

I want it all but if I can only choose one, I'd really really love to have the camera. I just lost mine, no my sister lost it, whatever. I'd really love the cam. :D


Rebecca said...

Wow, you have such a big wishlist for this year, sis! ;) I hope you can see at least a few of them granted, and the WII is really lovely! I hope you can get that one.

Hehe, aren't moms just so sweet? :P I'm sure she'll buy you something that'll make you happy. Looking forward to see what my mom buys too.

Nadine said...

I wish I can those too! haha *lists* Maybe Santa Mommy will grant your wish this year :P don't lose hope sis! tsktsk. Happy Christmas and God bless you!

jessa said...

haha!! pare pareha ra pud ta ug ganahan shal!! saonz... basta, makab-ot ra jud na n2 a2ng mga pangandoy.. hehehehe...

Febbe said...

did you get any of these? :D

Vacation Rental Makati said...

I love gadgets !!

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